Untitled: My work explores the city’s urban counter-culture, most specifically the skater community who occupy ‘unloved’ spaces such as the Cumberland Basin and M32 underpass. Using film to document and interview the people who use those spaces, my project delves into self-governance, transience and how people help shape the city’s landscape.

Ryan is a Bristol-based portrait and documentary photographer working with still and moving imagery. The foundation of his practice stems from an inherent connection to space and urban planning. He is interested in social structure, psychogeography, spatial practices and the multifaceted use of space. Particularly, Convery-Moroney is interested in understanding how we observe, feel, act and behave accordingly to space due to our individual or collective knowledge, intentions and interests.

He was first drawn to photography through riding BMX where he also developed an appreciation of concrete, urban space and architecture. He went on to study photography at Portsmouth and has since relocated to Bristol. Ryan was Artist in Residence with MAYK in 2021-22.